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Expert Resources

Expert Resources

Learn more about lone worker best practice

Looking for information on keeping lone working staff safe? You’ve come to the right place.

StaySafe’s Knowledge Hub provides expertise and advice on everything you need to know about lone working. Download one of our in-depth guides today or visit our blog.


Addressing the lone worker engagement gap

It is estimated that there are up to 8 million lone workers in the United Kingdom, which is 22% of the 31.2 million UK working population...


Finding your 'hidden' lone workers & the best ways to improve lone worker safety

We are delighted to introduce you to award winning speaker, Justin Manley.

Three compelling business reasons not to ignore lone worker safety

Understand the moral, legal and financial implications of ignoring lone worker safety and how to protect your lone workers. 

Guide to lone worker safety

Download our comprehensive guide to lone worker safety to understand the risks your employees face and how you can put systems in place to fulfil your duty of care.

Three Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Lone Working Solution

Looking to purchase a lone worker solution? The guide covers the steps you can take to evaluate your needs and the available solutions in the market. 

Guide to lone working in the housing industry

For those working alone in the housing industry, aggression is not uncommon but there are practical steps that you can take to better protect your employees. Download this guide to find out how to reduce risk to your staff.


Lone Working Webinar​

Protecting your lone workers

Lone Working Webinar​

Guide to lone working in the utilities sector

Whether your employees are dealing with electric, gas, water or sewerage, it is likely that they are exposed to hazards on a daily basis. Our free guide outlines everything you need to know about protecting lone workers in the utilities sector.

Guide to lone working in the field services sector

Lone working has become commonplace for those working in field service roles. Find out more about the risks field services employees face, the applicable H&S legislation and some of the ways you can reduce risk to your staff.

Guide to lone working in local authorities

 For those working for local authorities, lone working has become commonplace, with workers regularly carrying out home visits and client meetings alone and away from the office. Download this guide to understand the risks common to this sector and the practical steps you can put in place.

Guide to lone working in the charity sector

One in eight workers experience violence at work, according to a report from Unison. The figures could be much higher, with the issue of under-reporting of violence in charities. Our free guide covers everything you need to know about protecting employees in the charity sector. 


Field Services Webinar

What do you need to know to ensure the safety of your lone workers

Field Services Webinar

Guide to lone working in the health sector

Every employer has a duty of care to protect their employees from workplace risks. For those working within the NHS, lone working has become commonplace, with workers regularly carrying out home visits or looking after patients in the hospital alone. Download the guide to find out how to protect your staff:

Creating a lone worker risk assessment

Lone working risk assessments are a basic legal requirement and should be carried out for all employees. To help you get started with writing your lone working risk assessment, we have created a comprehensive step by step guide, including a template document for you to use.