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Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone Worker Monitoring

A ‘loner worker’ can be described as an employee who works out of sight or direct contact with others. Lone worker monitoring is about taking care of the safety of employees, especially those who might be working in a high-risk environment.

For any employer, the safety of your employees is paramount. An employee may have to travel to work off-site, perhaps on a job assignment? Or perhaps they are regularly exposed to risk in the job that they do? You can help ensure the safety of every one of your employees, and it begins and ends with the StaySafe app.

Do you need a safety monitoring solution quickly? No problem. StaySafe can be in use within 24 hours. To use the app, all you will need is a smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, or how many employees need to use the app, StaySafe will deliver for you.

The location of lone workers will be monitored in real time using the StaySafe app. So whether they are having to work in a remote location, in dangerous conditions, or in a high-risk environment, you can fulfil your duty of care and have peace of mind they are alright.

Lone worker monitoring made easy, with StaySafe.