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When is working alone not ok?

PANIC ALARMS 5 min read Lone Worker Law and Legislation Written by StaySafe @staysafe For many organisations, lone working increases productivity, flexibility and reduces cost, without posing additional safety threat to staff. However, there have sadly been several situations of … Read More

Health and Safety Law

Health & Safety Training: What Employers Need to Do For Lone Worker Health and Safety

HEALTH & SAFETY 4 min read Health & Safety Training: What Employers Need to do for Lone Worker Health and Safety Written by Lorraine Hughes, StaySafe Health & Safety qualifications can enhance your health and safety skills and ensure you … Read More

Panic Alarms for Lone Workers

PANIC ALARMS 5 min read Lone Worker Panic Alarms Written by Don Cameron, StaySafe In an emergency, it is important that employees can quickly signal for help. If lone workers are driving or operating machinery, lone worker devices may be … Read More

Digital Workforce - employee using tablet at work

Digitalising your workforce

The IT in Housing Conference and Exhibition which took place 10-11 Feb 16, saw talks from professionals in the housing industry discuss the idea of digitalising services for an improved user and employee experience. Digital technology has advanced rapidly over … Read More

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Lone Worker Safety Conference 2015

This years Lone Worker Safety expo saw professionals and experts from across the UK come together at London Olympia. The crowd was mixed. From those working alone or managing lone workers, to those providing services which help protect workers in … Read More