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Best lone worker app

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What makes StaySafe the best lone worker app?​

Written by Don Cameron, StaySafe

You know you need a better way to protect your lone working staff, but it can be hard to decide which solution is best for your organisation. Here we discuss six key reasons why StaySafe is the best lone worker app.

In today’s tech-focused world, nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, over 80% of the world’s population now owns one. With most of us carrying a smartphone everywhere we go, many organisations have switched to using smartphone apps to monitor the wellbeing of their lone workers. 

Unlike panic-alarm devices like fobs and lanyards, which can easily be lost or forgotten, lone worker apps provide an easy and accessible way to monitor the safety of lone working staff.

But with the number of lone worker safety apps growing each year, how do you decide which lone worker app is best for your business?

Here we look at six reasons why StaySafe is the best lone worker app for keeping your employees safe. 

6 reasons why Staysafe is best app for lone workers

We’ve always been an app

We’ve always believed a mobile app is the most effective and reliable way of protecting lone workers, which is why our app has always been at the core of our solution. 

Unlike other providers, who offer an app as an add-on to their service, the StaySafe solution was developed as an app and is continually updated by our dedicated in-house development team who utilise the very latest in mobile technology. 

Unrivalled functionality is included as standard

The StaySafe app includes a huge range of features as standard. Low signal mode, scheduled check-ins, driving mode, what3words integration, low battery alerts and non-movement alerts are all included in every licence. Plus, you can customise which features are available to your employees, meaning you can build a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of your business – without paying extra. 

It’s easy to use

One of the most frequent compliments we get from our customers is that the StaySafe app is easy to use. It has a simple and uncluttered user interface, which employees can get to grips with quickly. New users are also given a ‘how-to’ of the app via an interactive walk-through when they first log in, which significantly reduces the time it takes to launch.

It’s customisable for your business

StaySafe has been developed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any business, of any size. Within our monitoring hub you can create multiple teams, reporting lines & escalation policies to fit your unique organisational structure. 

For employees who may not always have easy access to their phones, the app can also be linked to a dedicated device or Bluetooth wearable panic button. 

This means that employees are still protected by the advanced functionality and monitoring capabilities of the app, without having to access their phone to check-in or panic. You can offer a Bluetooth device to all your staff, or just a select few; they’ll all be monitored in the same hub.

We have a dedicated customer success team

All our customers are supported by an Account Manager and our dedicated Customer Success team, both of which work closely with you to get your employees up and running. We also provide on-going support for your users via phone, chat and email.

Our reporting gives you actionable insights

The Insights section of the StaySafe hub gives you in-depth insights that show patterns and trends. You can monitor how many sessions have been run by each employee and average session durations. You can also track how many alerts have been triggered over a certain time period. The progress of employee on-boarding is also available to view, so you can see when users activate the app, run sessions and complete their training.

What our customers are saying about us

“We want our staff to be safe, and to work safely. We are always looking to see what we can do better. The StaySafe app is helping us to achieve that. It is easy to use, and their friendly customer service is first class. Some of the alternative options we looked at were quite complicated, and, because we have a mixture of Apple and Android users, some would only work for one and not the other. StaySafe works on both and it looks the same on both too”. 

Stuart Barnard Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at RPS.

“Staff feel safer because they know that when they are working alone, there is always somebody who knows where they are and if they need help. With the app, it is now much easier to start, extend, and end sessions. Staff now know that if they are ever in trouble, someone is at the other end ready to help them”. 

Danielle Levy Head of Complex Needs and Community at Hertfordshire Mind

How do I choose a lone worker solution?

To ensure you choose the right solution for your business it is important to conduct a risk assessment. Risk assessments enable you to consider the specific risks faced by your employees and help you decide on the best procedures and equipment for keeping them safe.

Following on from your risk assessment, you will need to produce a safety policy for your lone workers. A lone worker safety policy is a guide that will set out your company’s rules on working alone and help your employees to understand the risks they may face. These documents enable you to identify the unique requirements of your business and select a lone worker safety solution that best meets your needs.  

Are lone worker safety apps expensive?

Lone worker apps are a cost effective solution as the majority of employees already carry a smartphone. With a lone worker app, costs are lower, as there is no additional outlay for specialist equipment like dedicated devices or panic buttons. Plus, if you opt for in-house monitoring of your employees, rather than using an ARC, access to the monitoring hub is included in the licence fee. 

Cost efficient use of smartphones – Savings on fines – Low cost and scalable 

Are free safety apps reliable?

No, free safety apps are not reliable enough for business use. Standard SOS safety features on phones have not been created specifically for lone workers and therefore do not offer all of the necessary safety features that dedicated lone working solutions provide. You can read more about why free safety apps don’t offer enough protection here: Android & iPhone Emergency SOS – do they provide enough protection for staff?

See how StaySafe can help you protect your lone workers, 24/7, wherever they are.

A lone worker solution is more than just a panic button. It’s an end-to-end approach to creating a visible, protected and safety-conscious workforce, no matter where they are. StaySafe will work with you to manage the risks faced by your lone working staff and keep them protected 24/7. 

Dom CameronCEO, StaySafe

Don has been leading the growth of StaySafe since 2014, and we are now the leading, global, app-based lone worker solution.

Before coming over to StaySafe, Don built up over 25 years experience developing successful businesses in the IT, Telecoms and service industries.

Passionate about lone worker safety, Don is constantly striving to make sure StaySafe brings the most benefits to lone workers and their employers to keep more people safe.

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