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Best lone worker app

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What is the Best Lone Worker Solution

At StaySafe, we are confident that our robust and easy to use lone worker solution is the best way for employers to protect their employees 24/7. Find out more about what you should consider when choosing a lone worker solution and how StaySafe can help you fulfil your duty of care.

StaySafe offers a wide range of lone worker solutions, including an app and responder hub. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, is simple and fast to use, while the hub is designed for quick and easy responses in the event of an emergency. At StaySafe we are proud of our dedication to our app and are continually enhancing the system with cutting-edge features. We are also proud of the flexibility and powerful protection that our system offers, making it the best lone worker solution on the market.

Things to consider before choosing a lone worker solution

StaySafe’s dependable system is highly regarded and recommended by many organisations working across a number of different sectors around the world. Whether your company’s lone workers are climbing cell towers in Malaysia or conducting vulnerable home visits around the UK, you can be confident that StaySafe has been designed to work for you in even the most risky situations.

There are many different variables to consider when choosing a lone worker solution – the type of lone worker, as well as their daily risks are a major factor in selecting the right system. Lone workers may encounter a variety of different workplace hazards; for some, the risk of slips, trips and falls is a daily worry, while others may worry about human aggression and intimidation.

Unlike other systems, StaySafe allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility for employers to use the system in a way that suits their needs. StaySafe offers a wide-range of functionality from man-down alerts and impact detection to the discreet panic and duress options, which are essential in threat-to-life situations.

“We’re really happy with the StaySafe solution, it has great features and is still simple to use and operate. There’s been a positive reaction from our family workers and they all feel much safer knowing they have the app to hand when visiting families. Roll out of the app was quick and our account manager has been very supportive with any questions or queries we’ve had."

Why is StaySafe the best lone worker solution for you

The StaySafe solution has been designed to be fast and easy to use for employers looking to protect vulnerable lone workers quickly and confidently. Without the need for clunky devices and additional equipment, StaySafe can get your team protected in less than 24 hours. The lack of expensive hardware also means that StaySafe is an affordable option for businesses of any size or with any budget.

Ensuring users are enthusiastic and comfortable with their lone worker solution is essential in protecting them, even in low signal areas. StaySafe emphasises the importance of training and support with dedicated teams available for any question that may arise. StaySafe is quick and easy to use, offering a simple dashboard and interactive in-app training that is available at all times.

For lone workers worried about low and no signal areas, StaySafe uses cutting-edge technology to operate in even the poorest conditions leaving users with 16% more coverage than other similar systems. Users can also rest assured that their privacy is protected and need not worry about being “tracked” by their employers, as the lone worker is completely in control of the app. According to Nick Coley, Head of Telecare, St Johns Ambulance, “The app and Hub itself are intuitive and easy to use with a great range of functions and alerts. The fact that employees start and end their own sessions has also gone down well as staff are in control of when they are being monitored rather than feeling we are tracking them intrusively.”

Find out more about the lone worker solutions available to your organisation in our helpful buyers guide that is full of information on how you can support your lone working employees. 

Choose the best lone worker solution by trying StaySafe for free

We are happy to assist in every stage of your search for a lone working system– everything from a free trial, bespoke training sessions for your employees and assistance with your StaySafe lone worker policy.

When choosing a lone worker solution for your employees, it is important to have a high-level of trust and confidence in the product you are purchasing. At StaySafe, we invite anyone interested in the system to participate in a free trial to ensure all their needs are met. Get in touch with us today to arrange a demonstration and start your trial!

“In the last month, there has been a rise in members of the public confronting telecoms engineers and threatening them with violence. By partnering with StaySafe, our employees can be confident that they are protected and, in an emergency, they can send for immediate assistance. We’ve worked with StaySafe for three years and they’ve been supportive and helpful throughout. We would recommend StaySafe to any other field service company.”
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