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HSE stats reveal rise in workplace fatalities

HSE’s annual statistics released earlier this month, show that the number of fatal workplace injuries in the UK has risen by 9.  In the year ending March 2018, 144 lives were lost due to a workplace injury, while a further 100 members of the public died as a result of workplace activities. However, the general trend continues to show a long-term downward trend followed by a flattening out in recent years.

Workplace fatalities by sector

The data shows the number of fatalities across each sector. Construction remains accountable for the highest number of fatal injuries, with 38 fatalities, up from a record low of 30 in the previous year. The Agriculture industry accounted for 29 fatalities followed by Manufacturing with 15.

Causes of workplace fatalities

The main causes of workplace fatalities also follow the same pattern as previous years. Falls from height continues to be the top cause of fatal injuries, followed by being struck by a moving vehicle and struck by a moving object.


While the UK continues to hold a good record for workplace safety, continuing trends highlight the need for safety to be taken more seriously in certain areas and industries particularly when it comes to activities involving work at height, vehicles, unsecured objects and machinery.

There are simple steps that can and should be taken to secure the safety of employees so to prevent further avoidable fatalities.  Take a look at some of our top tips;

Reducing Accident Response Times

While there are steps every business should take to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place, StaySafe can help reduce the outcome and severity of an accident by reducing the response times to injured employees.

Every employer should take steps to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place across the business. While risk assessments, training and using the correct, tools, equipment and clothing can save lives, there are cases where accidents still occur. In these cases, lone worker alarms and devices could save lives.

StaySafe can help reduce the outcome and severity of an accident by providing faster assistance and reducing the response time to an injured employee. If an employee faces an accident when they are alone or out of sight, they may be unable to receive the help they need on time.

Not only does the StaySafe app allow an injured employee to send an alert to their employer, but the hub also allows the business to view the location of the employee and send assistance straight to them. The location data can be used by the emergency services, allowing medical support to be sent directly and quickly.

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