Gallant Richardson

Gallant Richardson is an independent, partner-led estate agent specialising in both residential lettings and sales in the Colchester and North Essex area. The company launched StaySafe as a means of protection for their staff that spend most of their working day travelling between properties and client meetings.

Why did Gallant Richardson launch StaySafe?

Speaking about their decision to invest in a lone worker solutions app, Tim Wade, Manager at Gallant Richardson explained that the staff have varied roles which involve both office and off-site work. Many of their employees spend long periods of time alone as they travel to various locations throughout the day, attending viewings and meeting with clients. This style of working left workers vulnerable to potential dangers especially as client backgrounds are unknown to them beforehand. Unfortunately, violence and aggression are common within the property industry, with recent statistics from Inside Housing showing that an assault against staff occurs every 35-minutes in the UK. Before StaySafe, the company relied on standard safety policies such as verbal communication, code words and workers carrying personal alarms with them when working offsite. The company found that if an incident were to happen, these safety strategies may not be as effective as desired, and they began searching for an alternative. Gallant Richardson wanted a solution that was cost-effective, easy to use and implement and fit for use in both the office and remotely.

How StaySafe helped

  • Quick and easy way to check-in with staff
  • Unique and reliable ways of raising an alert when faced with an aggressor
  • Personalised customer service and easy implementation
Tim explained how the company looked into various app-based solutions but the team favoured the StaySafe app due to its ease of use and unique features. Tim commented that the team found the check-in feature to be a much more effective way of being able to stay up to date on their lone workers’ safety. As lone working is common within the property industry, many of the StaySafe app’s features have been developed specifically for employees working with client’s and behind closed doors. Gallant Richardson was particularly impressed with these features such as a discreet panic to support employees who find themselves in a threatening situation, and a duress PIN which can be used to trick an aggressor into thinking the app has been closed, when in fact a high-level alert is sent to monitors.

The results

Tim Wade comments; “The whole StaySafe system is very easy to use and has provided us a great solution in making sure our lone workers are safe. StaySafe’s unique features allow us to overcome common safety challenges in the property sector and we now feel assured that we will be alerted whenever our lone workers are in need of help. Having a solution that was easy to implement was a priority for us so that our employees were open to making the change from our more traditional methods. Our account manager Teresa made the transition incredibly easy and was extremely helpful at all stages. Teresa made sure any questions we had were answered and we are all very happy with the results. Her continued help and guidance has been much appreciated.”