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Oasis Community Partnerships

Oasis Community Partnerships use StaySafe to help protect their lone workers
Oasis Community Partnerships is part of the Oasis family of charities. Oasis has been pioneering sustainable, holistic community development for over 35 years.  The company provides support and help to young people and work to develop communities across the country.

Oasis Community Partnerships employs lone workers who operate in two different categories. Youth workers are frequently out in the field conducting home visits and meeting up with vulnerable groups in the community and staff who run the community centres are often alone at the beginning and end of the day. Although risk assessments are carried out regularly, communities are unpredictable and the nature of the work means staff never know what environment they’ll be going into when conducting visits. Prior to StaySafe, the company used traditional methods of communication to manage staff safety but they realised that this relied on staff’s initiative and wasn’t robust enough. As the team began to grow, managers became aware that they needed more in-depth protection to keep staff safe.

It was important for the solution to be easy to use, available to all staff members and capable of locating an employee should an incident arise. After trialling StaySafe for a few weeks, Oasis Community Partnerships decided to choose StaySafe as their dedicated safety solution. Since partnering with StaySafe, employees can now use the app to check-in at regular intervals to let staff know they are safe.  The StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud-based monitoring Hub which accurately locates lone workers on a map. If a lone worker fails to check-in, an alert will be sent to a manager so they can ensure they are safe. 

For staff who work in the community and have to conduct home visits, there is always risk when going into unpredictable environments as people can be a threat. StaySafe’s panic feature allows staff to send an alert when they feel threatened and assistance can then be sent to their exact location. A panic alert can also be triggered discreetly using the phone’s power button, allowing an alert to be raised from the user’s pocket or handbag without the assailant knowing.

Kat Simmonds, Deputy CEO  of Oasis Community Partnerships comments, “ We’ve been using the app for just over a year now and we’re pleased with the features it offers. Working out in the community is a big part of our staff’s role so having the app with them brings both of us peace of mind. StaySafe is easy to use and we feel much better knowing that managers will be alerted if an altercation occurs.”