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JLL are a corporate solutions, property management and real estate company employing over 80,000 employees worldwide.

The company manages a number of different accounts across the globe who employ mobile technicians. Throughout the day, technicians travel to different locations carrying out handyman jobs such as roof work, filter changing and coil cleaning.

Despite technicians being given fall protection training, any roof work carried out is usually done by one worker and management wanted to ensure they had a way to signal for help should an accident arise. As a way to strengthen their existing health and safety policy, JLL began their search for a dedicated lone worker solution. It was important for the solution to be app based, easy to use and capable of notifying managers should an incident occur. 

StaySafe had been recommended to JLL by their health and safety team and after trialling the solution for a few weeks they decided that it was a great fit for the company. The simplicity and ease of the StaySafe app appealed to both staff and managers. Technicians  can now use StaySafe to log their arrival and safe departure from each external visit by simply pressing a button. If an employee fails to check-in safely during a lone working session, has an accident or raises an alert, managers will be able to locate them and get help straight away.

StaySafe’s man down alert ensures that if an employee has not moved for a period of time, a non-movement alert is triggered in case there has been an accident. This is particularly useful for JLL’s technicians who spend a lot of time working from height and traveling. The panic alert feature allows staff to notify a manager if they are in a dangerous situation. Their manager can then immediately send assistance to them.

Technicians now feel much safer when working alone, knowing they have the app with them. Bruce Brown, Director of operations comments, “We’re really pleased with how well the app has been integrated into the company. The team were great with answering any questions we had and our staff have peace of mind when working alone”. 

Don Cameron CEO at StaySafe adds, “According to statistics taken from the HSE, falls from height are the third highest cause of fatal injury and account for 20% of all fatal accidents. With this in mind, we are glad to offer a solution that can provide assistance should a fall happen”.

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