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Learning Partnership West

Learning Partnership West uses the StaySafe app to protect youth workers when out in the community

Learning Partnership West (LPW) is an organisation based in Bristol that supports children and young people (CYP) through play, youth work and education in the community and in educational settings. Their wide range of support includes facilitating workshops and conducting home visits. 

LPW first looked into lone working solutions after noticing certain risks staff were exposed to during a risk assessment. With the nature of their work, staff were regularly travelling into different communities and working 1:1 with vulnerable CYP, some of whom have mental health issues, learning disabilities, are affected by crime or could be more prone to violent and aggressive behaviour. Managers were concerned that if an incident occurred that they wouldn’t receive prompt notification and were keen to find a solution that would give their staff a mechanism to signal for help should they feel concerned for their welfare or found themselves in an emergency situation. 

Before partnering with StaySafe, LPW used a labour-intensive system that required employees to call managers to let them know their safety status. This system was not fit for purpose and required significant oversight, was often difficult to manage and open to error that could negatively impact their staff team. They required a solution that was easy to use and that could be monitored to understand the day to day whereabouts of staff. 

After trialling StaySafe, LPW were confident that the app could offer staff the protection they needed and ensure, as an organisation, we met our duty of care. 

LPW’s delivery team, who regularly work in unpredictable environments, now use the StaySafe app, which logs their arrival and safe departure from each external visit through their mobile phones. The app also offers a panic alert feature which allows staff to notify a manager if they are in a dangerous situation. Managers can then immediately send assistance to them. The app also provides man down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time and make sure they are safe. 

Robert Farrow, Head of Service (Young People) at LPW comments “The app has been a great help in ensuring that our staff and CYP are protected. Our staff report that it’s easy to use and the automated alerts mean managers have less admin to do. The set-up was quick, straightforward and we had the necessary support and advice from the StaySafe team to get ‘the tool’ up and running. We hope that an incident will never arise, but if it does, we’re confident that the app will keep our staff safe and CYP safe.” 

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