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My Life chooses StaySafe to help protect staff who work or travel alone

My Life is an organisation based in South East England that provides support for 16-25 year olds to help them learn important life skills. My Life staff frequently travel to different locations meeting with young people and conducting home visits.  During these visits, employees will be alone and managers at My Life were eager to find a solution that could help keep them safe when working away from others. 

Prior to the introduction of StaySafe, the company used another panic alert app and caught up with employees by email to ensure their safety. However, managers were looking for a system that had a more robust interface and could offer a number of these features in one. After trialling StaySafe, they were confident that the app offered their staff the safety they required.  StaySafe’s easy-to-use lone working app enables employers to quickly and easily locate lone workers in an emergency and send immediate help. Employees are able to start a timed session before they begin a period of lone work or travel. 

The StaySafe app gives employers visibility of the safety status of lone workers during a period of lone work or travel and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished this session. If an employee fails to check-in safely during a session or raises a panic alert in the app, responders, either within the organisation or at an external monitoring service, will be immediately alerted. They will quickly verify the alert and dispatch the appropriate assistance to the employee. In areas with minimal coverage, the app will automatically switch to low-signal mode and alerts will continue to be sent to the Hub via SMS.

Richard Burston, Service Manager at My Life comments, “ We’ve had a positive experience using the StaySafe app. It’s simple to use and offers us the features we were looking for in a solution. Staff understand the importance of using it and we’re confident it will be a big help if any incidents occur”. 

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