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Lone Worker protection specialist StaySafe acquired by European market leader in EHS solutions, EcoOnline

14th June 2022 | StaySafe (Safe Apps Ltd), provider of the best-selling app for keeping lone workers safe, has today been acquired by EcoOnline, a European market leader in EHS SaaS solutions. … Read More

The Importance of Emergency Planning

The actions taken in the initial moments after a crisis matter. These steps can determine how disruptive the aftermath will be. With this in mind, companies need to plan for any potential incidents that could occur. … Read More

Major threats faced by housing staff

Due to the varied nature of the workforce, employees within the housing sector are facing a growing number of large-scale threats which can affect both employee safety and business continuity. … Read More

Are your staff safe?

It is now a fact of life that during your career there will probably be more than one incident – natural or man-made – that could have a disastrous effect on colleagues in your business. … Read More

Working at heights

Explore working at heights – the risks, job roles, regulations, injury risks and how StaySafe app can help to keep your lone workers safe. … Read More

When is working alone not okay?

Find out when working alone is not ok, keep lone workers safe and follow the regulations with the world’s leading lone worker app. … Read More

Lone Worker Safety Devices

SAFETY DEVICES 5 min read Lone Worker Safety Devices Written by Stephen Brockway, StaySafe Lone worker safety devices have become increasingly popular as companies search for ways to monitor their staff’s safety. These devices have been specifically designed to protect … Read More

Workplace Hazards

1 in 6 would not report identified workplace hazards despite 25% admitting that they or someone they worked with had been harmed at work. … Read More

History of Workplace Health and Safety

Health and Safety is very different now from when the idea first originated. Find out when the idea of workplace health and safety started to be taken seriously and how has it progressed and developed. … Read More