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Case study Signposts homeless charity
Homeless charity Signposts, who provide temporary accommodation and support services to 16-65 year olds in Luton and Dunstable, have launched the StaySafe smartphone app and surrounding cloud based monitoring service to protect their lone workers. Signposts logo The staff at Signposts offer 24 hour support to vulnerable and sometimes high risk individuals so the charity felt they needed a way to accurately monitor and protect their employees while they work in the community. After a review of the market Signposts decided to roll out StaySafe across the business. Emma Jones, Project Support Manager at Signposts explains why they chose StaySafe; “Our employees can work unsocial hours and we are rarely office based so we needed a safety device that would fit in to our hectic and varied schedules.

“I was really impressed with how easy the app was to use and I thought it was great value. The app has been well utilised by our employees and having our alerts monitored by Securitas gives us added peace of mind.” Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe adds “StaySafe is great for community based organisations like Signposts because the app has been designed to adapt to variable working patterns. For example, Signposts utilise our check-in feature, where employees are required to check-in at set intervals specified by their employer. This is great for monitoring employees who have very fast paced or unpredictable working patterns where a traditional set-timed session is too restrictive”.