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Major threats faced by housing staff

Due to the varied nature of the workforce, employees within the housing sector are facing a growing number of large-scale threats which can affect both employee safety and business continuity. … Read More

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Are your staff safe?

It is now a fact of life that during your career there will probably be more than one incident – natural or man-made – that could have a disastrous effect on colleagues in your business. … Read More

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StaySafe is now carbon zero

We are living in a Climate Emergency, with 16 countries having declared they are in a Climate Emergency state, and numerous others making partial declarations. This is an issue of paramount importance that can not be ignored. … Read More

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What is a hazard?

What are workplace hazards for lone workers? What is the difference between hazards and risks? Find out how to protect your lone workers. … Read More

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Buddy Systems

Buddy systems have helped safety standards and wellbeing for staff for generations. See how lone worker apps provide an alternative solution for safe working. … Read More

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Work Health and Safety in Australia

Modern health and safety legislation dates back to the UK’s Factory Act of 1802 which set down rules on critical safety issues such as ventilation, cleaning and working hours. … Read More

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Working at heights

Explore working at heights – the risks, job roles, regulations, injury risks and how StaySafe app can help to keep your lone workers safe. … Read More

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When is working alone not okay?

Find out when working alone is not ok, keep lone workers safe and follow the regulations with the world’s leading lone worker app. … Read More

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Three effective ways to get your employees on board with a new tech solution Three effective ways to get your employees on board with a new tech solution

HEALTH & SAFETY 4 min read Three effective ways to get your employees on board with a new tech solution Written by Lorraine Hughes, StaySafe Seven out of ten technology launches fail to meet their strategic goals. How can you … Read More

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