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Lone Worker Policy

Lone Working Policy

You may have health and safety measures in place at your work premises, but have you also established a safe working environment for lone workers? Do you have a lone worker policy in place? A lone worker policy is designed to minimise the risks involved in working alone in sometimes dangerous or isolated locations and identify the responsibilities attributed to an employer in making sure all their lone workers are safe. Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution? Have you yet to be introduced to the StaySafe smartphone app? With this app, your duty of care will be met. This app monitors the location of lone workers in real-time and allows each worker to check-in once they have finished a lone working session. It is easy to use for them, while you will have peace of mind at all times that your lone workers are safe. A lone worker can be any worker who completes a job away from their usual working environment. Some workers may work alone on nights or at weekends, or travel to work, such as construction workers or those carrying out repair work or maintenance checks. The StaySafe app is a smart device which can be used as a safety tool. Now you can always know that your staff are safe. Please click here to read our previous article.