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International Women’s Day 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a look at some influential women who have impacted occupational health and safety over the years. Origin of International women’s day Since the early 1900’s individuals around the world have come together in … Read More

IncidentEye named as finalist in the OSPA Awards

It’s with great delight that our team at StaySafe can announce, we have been selected as finalists in the OSPA Awards 2019 for our IncidentEye security system. The awards acknowledge outstanding performance in companies and individuals across the security sector. … Read More

Lone but not alone. Tackling solitary working blues.

It is estimated that 20% of the total working population in the UK are lone workers. When considering those who work alone for part of their working days, this figure is likely to be considerably higher. Due to the nature … Read More

The rising threat of bush fires to remote workers

Wildfires are a common natural hazard that occur across much of the world. Caused by a combination of weather, wind and dry underbrush, wildfires can consume acres of land in mere minutes. On average, more than 100,000 wildfires clear 4-5 … Read More

Lone worker app market on the rise statistics confirm

According to recent statistics, there has been a huge rise in the market for lone worker protection solutions. Figures are estimated to hit 260 million by 2022 across Europe and North America, a huge increase from the 110 million recorded … Read More

Identifying your lone workers – understanding the roles & risks

When we think of lone workers we usually imagine those working in complete isolation such as a security guard manning a building at night, or a farmer working out in the middle of a field. However, while this may be … Read More