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StaySafe’s lone worker safety solutions are trusted by global brands, prominent charities and SMEs throughout Canada and the rest of the world

Our flexible work safety solutions for lone workers are being used for teams of two people up to 1000+.

Key sectors using StaySafe’s lone worker safety solutions in Canada

We have extensive experience in all the sectors in which our clients operate. We understand the specific risks, legal responsibilities and best practice guidelines for your workers.

StaySafe has been developed with different industry challenges and their lone working policies in mind to protect lone workers operating in both urban and rural locations across Canada. StaySafe’s safety solutions for lone workers are truly flexible and customizable to the needs of your organization.


Used by engineers operating on sites and in remote locations throughout Canada.

Housing & Local Authority

Protecting employees at risk of violence and aggression on a daily basis.

Property Services

Offering a way to raise an alert even when a lone worker is incapacitated.

Charity & Not for Profit

StaySafe protects lone workers operating within the community and behind closed doors.

Field Services

Safeguarding field employees facing a range of environmental risks.

Finance, Construction, Surveyors & more

A tailored solution suitable for lone workers in any sector or role.

Our safety solutions for lone workers are perfect for your organisation if….

  • You are a business or not-for-profit organisation with 2-1000+ lone workers
  • Your business is based in Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or if you have remote workers anywhere else in the world
  • You have a business within the Utilities, Housing and Local Authority, Property Services, Charity, Field Services, Finance, Construction or any other sector employing lone workers
  • You want to protect your company’s legal duty of care and safeguard your workforce
  • You are looking for a trusted lone worker monitoring solution that can be rolled out in under 24 hours
  • You don’t want the expense of lone worker device hardware to be able to monitor your staff safety
What our customers say about StaySafe
  • “The app and Hub itself are intuitive and easy to use with a great range of functions and alerts. The fact that employees start and end their own sessions has also gone down well as staff are in control of when they are being monitored rather than feeling we are tracking them intrusively.”

    Nick Coley

    Head of Telecare, New Zealand
  • “Our workers out in the field now feel reassured that they will receive help should they ever require it even in remote areas or while working out of hours. With the ability to set up check-in intervals, which we have set for every half hour, we are immediately alerted if an employee fails to check-in and we can send them the appropriate assistance.”

    Padraic Dolan

    HSEQ Manager, Celtic Water
  • “Switching to the StaySafe solution has proven more reliable, more user-friendly and much more efficient for lone workers and their managers. We now feel assured and wise to where our staff are which is of utmost importance as schedules can change last minute, and our staff are regularly in contact with members of the public that they have never met with before.”

    Nerys Eldridge

    Nerys Eldridge

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