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Our GPS tracking device enables you to stay connected anywhere in Canada and around the world

  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective tracking solution for remote employees
  • 100% global signal coverage and up to 30 days of battery life
  • Keep lone workers safe in the remotest areas 

Key features of the StaySafe GPS tracking device​

Accurate GPS tracking

Keep track of employees and quickly send an emergency response to their location if a crisis occurs.

Panic alert for employees

A panic button allows an employee to signal for help when in need of assistance.

Rugged design

Built to be impact and weather resistant with IPX7 water resistance.

Hub monitoring

Satellite device users can be monitored in our cloud-based Hub alongside app users.

100% global coverage

Using Iridium’s satellite network – the only network to span the entire globe.

Navigation tools

Navigate remote areas with an inbuilt compass, satellite mapping and an electronic breadcrumb trail.

Can I connect my smartphone to a satellite hub instead?

If you would rather your remote workers continue to use their smartphone or tablet in remote areas, the StaySafe app is also fully compatible with Inmarsat’s satellite network.

All the employee needs is a small portable Inmarsat satellite hub which allows them to receive a data connection on multiple devices – so they can continue to use the StaySafe app, as well as receive and make phone calls.

Plus, one Inmarsat satellite hub can be used by multiple employees when working close by on a single site.

Benefits of the StaySafe Satellite Tracking Device​

Long-lasting battery life

Up to 100 hours' battery life in tracking mode or 30 days in power-saving mode

Share between teams

Reassign the device between team members quickly and easily

Flexible data packages

Change your data plan depending on usage and pause or cancel anytime

Weather reports

Access weather forecasts direct from the device

Easy to use

Beginning location tracking and sending a panic alert is quick and simple.

Convenient access

Mount to your vehicle’s dashboard or wear on a lanyard for convenient access

Who should use a satellite tracking device?

Our satellite tracking solution is perfect for anyone regularly travelling to remote areas where even a basic 2G connection cannot be made. Designed to endure falls and harsh weather, the device is suitable for use in any environment.

For employees who experience areas of low – rather than no – connectivity, we also offer a low signal mode, which can be used with a regular smartphone or tablet. Businesses and organisations with remote working employees should use a GPS tracking device to ensure the safety and protection of their field workers.

What our customers say about StaySafe

“Our workers out in the field now feel reassured that they will receive help should they ever require it even in remote areas or while working out of hours. With the ability to set up check-in intervals, which we have set for every half hour, we are immediately alerted if an employee fails to check-in and we can send them the appropriate assistance.”

Padraic Dolan

HSEQ Manager, Celtic Water

“Switching to the StaySafe solution has proven more reliable, more user-friendly and much more efficient for lone workers and their managers. We now feel assured and wise to where our staff are which is of utmost importance as schedules can change last minute, and our staff are regularly in contact with members of the public that they have never met with before.”

Nerys Eldridge

Project Officer, Hafod Housing

“It is really important to us that we know where our employees are while they are under our care. StaySafe and CAT phones have allowed us to create a robust, reliable way of maintaining contact with our employees whenever they are out in the field. We are impressed that StaySafe is able to offer all of the features we require while still remaining so user friendly. Our whole monitoring process has become much more efficient as we now have one solution rolled out across housing, education and health care.”

Richard Mugford

Director of Housing and Education, CUPS

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