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A comprehensive guide to Lone Working in the charity sector

A step by step guide to fulfilling your duty of care to your employees

Protecting your lone workers

Every employer has a duty of care to protect their employees from workplace risks. While working alone is usually safe, employees and volunteers working alone may face potentially difficult situations on a regular basis. Such environments mean that unfortunately, violence and aggression is common within the industry.

It can be difficult to know what health and safety measures you need to put in place to ensure that all of your employees have access to critical support in an emergency. To help you access the right information, we’ve created a free guide outlining everything you need to know about lone working in the charity sector and how best to protect your lone workers.

This guide covers:

Understand the Risks

Find out how to identify your lone workers and understand the risks that charity workers and volunteers face

Understand Your Legal Duty of Care

Recognise your legal duty of care and the risks of failing to comply with the regulations

Evaluate Your Risk Assessments

Learn how to create a comprehensive risk assessment

Evaluate Your Lone Worker Policy

Find out how to create a lone worker policy and integrate lone working solutions into your H&S programme

About StaySafe

We are experts in lone worker safety. While we specialise in lone worker tech solutions, we believe in providing organisations with the advice and guidance needed to create a safer work environment.