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Three Compelling Reasons not to ignore lone worker safety

Understand how to meet your duty of care to employees with this short guide

Protecting your lone workers

It is estimated that there are 53 million lone workers in Canada, the United States and Europe alone, and with many working in situations where they are vulnerable to violence, abuse, accident and injury, the health and safety of those individuals is a growing concern.

Why should organisations take extra steps to protect lone working staff? Learn the implications of ignoring lone worker safety and how to meet your duty of care.

This guide covers:

The Legal, Moral and Financial Implications of Ignoring Lone Worker Safety

While occupational health and safety laws differ across countries and regions, the core principles remain the same. Find out why you should take extra steps to protect your staff.

How to Meet Your Duty Of Care

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from harm. Find out what practical steps you can take to look after your lone workers. 

About StaySafe

We are experts in lone worker safety. While we specialise in lone worker tech solutions, we believe in providing organisations with the advice and guidance needed to create a safer work environment.