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Moorabool Shire Council

"There’s been a good response from our staff since introducing StaySafe, particularly from the nurses who use the app whenever they conduct home visits."

Moorabool Shire Council use StaySafe to provide staff with effective protection whilst lone working

Moorabool Shire Council is a regional local authority based in Australia. Employees in a number of roles such as nurses, statutory planners and outdoor workers, often have to work alone so the council has implemented the StaySafe solution to protect them.

Moorabool Shire Council recognised that some of their staff were being exposed to a number of risks during their working day and wanted to ensure they had some form of protection whilst working by themselves. Nurses frequently conduct home visits alone to check on new mothers and give immunisation jabs. Similarly, statutory planners often have to do site inspections at different locations. Employees who work out in the community can often face risks such as violent or hostile behaviour from the public.

Although it was encouraged for staff to work in pairs, this wasn’t always possible. After an incident where a worker became unwell at work and had to call a supervisor to let them know, Moorabool Shire Council decided to look into solutions that could give staff a way to quickly signal for help should they need to.

Prior to StaySafe, the council relied on supervisors conducting regular check-ins with staff  to ensure their safety and wellbeing but managers soon realised that this system wasn’t robust enough and decided to look for something more sophisticated. As Moorabool Shire Council is a regional authority, staff are often working in areas that are rural with limited signal coverage. This opens up a number of new risks as staff may find it difficult to call for help during an incident. After a successful trial with the StaySafe lone worker solution, Moorabool Shire Council decided to adopt it into the organisation.

Since partnering with StaySafe, employees can now use the app to check-in with managers and let them know they are safe throughout their working day. StaySafe allows employees to start a timed session within the app before beginning a period of lone work or travel, if an employee fails to end their session safely, a session expiry alert will be sent to the monitor.

StaySafe’s panic feature allows staff to send an alert when they feel threatened and assistance can then be sent to their exact location. A panic alert can also be triggered discreetly using the phone’s power button, allowing an alert to be raised from the user’s pocket or handbag without the assailant knowing. This is a great feature for staff who often have to work out in the community where environments can be unpredictable. StaySafe’s man down alert ensures that if an employee has not moved for a period of time, a non-movement alert is triggered in case there has been an accident.

For staff that work in rural areas with little to no coverage, StaySafe offers a low signal mode which allows communications to be sent to the hub via SMS. Alerts and session functions will continue to operate as usual, with location data updating if an alert is triggered.

Ajay Ramdas, Risk Officer at Moorabool Shire Council comments, “there’s been a good response from our staff since introducing StaySafe, particularly from the nurses who use the app whenever they conduct home visits. The StaySafe team were fantastic during the implementation process and both Matt and Sylvia made sure to answer any questions we had. Both staff and supervisors feel confident that if an incident does occur, we have the necessary protection in place to ensure our employees are kept safe.”

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe adds, “the number of people assaulted in health facilities in Victoria is up by 60 per cent in the past three years. With this in mind, we are glad to offer a solution that can help to protect staff in the medical and many other industries.”

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