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"Since Becket switched to StaySafe, the biggest benefit we have seen is how it has made the staff feel safer overall."

Becket found their previous system to be inefficient and switched to StaySafe to improve their lone worker safety and to provide better care to their employees.


Becket is a non-profit organization based across New England that provides an array of youth and family driven solutions, including individual and family therapy, targeted case management, mentoring, home-base treatment, and residential care.

Day to day, workers at Becket deal with a combination of meetings with clients out in the community, accompanying them to support groups as well as attending internal meetings at their local offices.

“Since Becket switched to StaySafe, the biggest benefit we have seen is how it has made the staff feel safer overall. We were always motivated by providing a better safety protocol to our employees.” Melissa Boisvert, Clinical Director


Workers at Becket provide a range of support services to individuals out in the community and at clients homes. They are often alone whilst attending appointments, some of these can present safety risks due to the areas that they are visiting. Unfortunately, some of the clients can also struggle with emotional regulation, this can present a risk of harm to either themselves and the lone workers.

Prior to StaySafe, Becket struggled with knowing the best way to keep their staff safe . Their previous systems proved to be inefficient, consisting of text message check-ins, telephone calls with code words and manual calendars. This drove the need to provide better safety protocols to their employees whilst working out in the community.

The StaySafe solution

The StaySafe app solution gives employers the ability to locate employees quickly and easily in an emergency and send immediate help. The StaySafe lone worker app is linked to a secure cloud-based Hub that provides employers with real-time updates on the safety status of their lone workers.

In an emergency, employers can accurately locate their lone workers on a map and send immediate assistance to them.

Built with a smooth user experience in mind, the Hub is customisable and allows employers to create tailored reporting lines and escalation procedures to ensure lone workers get the help they need in an emergency.

If an employee fails to check in safely during a lone working session or raises an alert, a notification will pop up on screen as well as via SMS text and email, allowing employers to locate them and get help straight away.

The Results

After some research into potential lone worker safety solutions and a successful trial, Becket decided to make the switch to StaySafe. Feedback from both managers and staff at Becket has been very positive. They have found that overall, the onboarding process is very easy and the benefits from having the app and monitoring hub in place has made staff feel much safer.

Onboarding for new staff only takes around half an hour and the staff have praised the apps clear and simple user interface. Becket has also found the chance of an error has significantly reduced; staff are now able to control their daily working sessions removing the responsibility for management to control this process.

Becket manages the cloud-based Hub in house with responders on hand and an escalation process in place, should a lone worker require assistance. So far, they have had no serious incidents, but management are pleased with how having the StaySafe app enhances safety and shows staff that they care about their lone workers safety.

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