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Invenio Systems

"Our staff are happy to know that they have access to help should they ever have an accident at work."

Invenio Systems introduces StaySafe to help protect lone working staff

Invenio Systems is a consultancy and service provider that offers innovative solutions for customers in the water industry. The company was founded in 2015 and now has 3 offices across the UK. Invenio employs field engineers who travel to different locations to record data, conduct audits and carry out inspections with the aim of identifying and reporting leaks.

Invenio Systems employees typically start work early in the morning and spend most of their day working outside, often alone in areas which are often rural with low signal. Before StaySafe, the company relied on field engineers communicating with line managers throughout the day to let them know they were safe. However, this method depended on engineers remembering to check in with their managers who often had to chase employees to check their status throughout the day. The company recognised that workers could be at risk whilst travelling to different locations and if an incident were to occur, they may not be able to signal for help quickly enough.  They decided to look into established safety solutions which could offer their staff another level of protection. 

Invenio systems were looking for a reliable solution that was easy to use and monitor by engineers and managers. They also wanted something that could provide an employee’s location in the event of an emergency and a panic alert button that staff could use if needed. It was important for the solution to be app-based to avoid having to charge and carry an additional device. Although the company looked into other lone worker safety options, they found that StaySafe was the best fit for them. 

Field engineers can now use the StaySafe mobile app to log their arrival and safe departure from each external visit quickly and easily. This app is linked to a secure cloud-based monitoring Hub which accurately locates lone workers on a map and provides managers with real-time updates on their movements. If an employee fails to check-in safely during a lone working session, has an accident or raises an alert, managers will be able to locate them and get help straight away. The app also provides man down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time.

StaySafe’s low signal mode ensures that field workers can still communicate with managers even in area’s with low coverage. When low signal mode is active, the app only needs a 2G connection to continue sending alerts. In addition, missed check-in alerts still signal in the Hub even if the employee has lost coverage completely.  

Staff and managers now feel confident that they have access to help should they need it. Andy Maddox, Operations Manager at Invenio Systems comments, “we’re very pleased with how the StaySafe solution has worked for our company, the app is simple to use and the set-up was quick and straightforward. Our staff are happy to know that they have access to help should they ever have an accident at work.” 

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe adds, “employee engagement is crucial when implementing a new solution. Not only have we designed the app to be user friendly, we also offer training and support to all users to guarantee that they are confident in using the solution.”

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