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Features of the StaySafe Lone Worker App

Features of the StaySafe Lone Worker App

Protecting your lone workers by ensuring their health and wellbeing is essential for your company and your employees. At StaySafe, we are aware that the work executed by your lone workers is variable and is often situated in changeable places of work.

The StaySafe app is equipped with a variety of features, from the panic button to duress pin, that you can set and tailor to your company’s safety needs.

It can be difficult to give staff working off-site the extra attention and care that they need, which is why the StaySafe app promises to protect and reassure your employees with the knowledge that help is on hand in real-time.

The app boasts a range of features which aim to provide support in the right way at the click of a button.

StaySafe’s Features

Lone Working Sessions

  • When an employee is set to travel or undertake duties, a timed lone working session can be started. The employee sets how long they will be working alone, adds notes if they wish and starts the session. Once the session is started they will then be visible on a GPS map in the Hub where they can be tracked in real time by a monitor back in the office or security monitoring centre. Hub monitors will be notified when an employee safely ends or extends a session, or if they fail to check in when the session finishes – allowing the alert to be escalated and help sent if needed.

Mandatory Check-In Intervals

  • Employers can set mandatory check ins for staff at set intervals, for example every half an hour. This is especially useful for higher risk lone workers who need to confirm their safety frequently, or for staff who do not work in set ‘sessions’ and would find it more appropriate to check in as safe every hour or so throughout the day instead – for example delivery drivers or meter readers.

Panic Button

  • Lone workers can activate the panic button to send an alert if they are injured, have fallen ill or are in danger. If triggered, this feature will alert the Hub that an employee requires urgent assistance. A session does not need to be in progress for an alert to be sent.

Duress Pin

  • If an employee feels threatened they can raise an alarm secretly and unknown to their attacker but inputting a special duress pin. This will fool the attacker into thinking the app has been disabled when in fact a duress alert has been raised in the Hub and help can be sent immediately.

Discreet Panic

  • Generated from pressing the phones power button, a user can raise a panic alert swiftly and discreetly from a hidden area, such as a bag or pocket.

Man Down

  • This feature can detect non-movement over an extensive period of time, which could mean that the user has been injured, such as a fall from height, in which case an alert will be triggered.

Low battery

  • A helpful reminder will indicate if a user’s phone is running low.

Audible Alerts

  • This feature prompts a lone worker as to when their session is due to expire. This feature can also be switched to silent if needed.

Text/Email/Phone Notifications

  • If an employee has failed to check-in, email and SMS alerts can also be received at the Hub so that they can be located as quickly as possible. You may also request an alert in the form of an automated message call.

In terms of monitoring, there are two features which your company can choose from to provide the best and most bespoke reporting for you.  This is dependent upon your resources and size of your team.

Monitoring in-house

Assign monitors in house who will log into the Hub to track and monitor your employees. With our support, you will determine how you want to manage and monitor your employees and respond to alerts.

External Monitoring

Our professional monitoring partners are on hand 24/7 to respond to emergency alerts from your lone workers. This method may be preferred by companies who have limited in-house resources or out of hours lone workers.

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