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Guide to lone worker safety

Download our comprehensive guide to protecting your lone workers

Protecting your lone workers

Every 15 seconds, 151 people suffer a workplace accident and every year 321,000 people lose their lives at work, according to statistics taken from the International Labor Organization. This seems inconceivable, particularly as most workplace accidents are preventable. 

Download our comprehensive lone working guide for practical steps on how to put systems in place to support your employees.

This guide covers:

Understand the Risks

Find out how to identify your lone workers and understand the risks they face

Understand Your Legal Duty of Care

Recognize your legal duty of care and the risks of failing to comply with the regulations

Evaluate Your Risk Assessments

Learn how to create a comprehensive risk assessment

Evaluate Your Lone Worker Policy

Find out how to create a lone worker policy and integrate lone working solutions into your H&S program

About StaySafe

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