Lone Worker Safety App

Lone worker safety app

StaySafe have designed, created and produced an innovative lone worker app that provides protection and safety to employees across the world.

The lone worker safety app works for mobile and tablet devices, and is available as an iOS, Windows and android app.

How does this work alone app keep lone workers safe?

The talented team at StaySafe have years of experience within the technology industry and have great knowledge of health and safety legislation, allowing them to create an easy to use app that has an array of features to safeguard lone workers.

Main Features

Some of the apps main features include; timed sessions, which the employee begins when starting a period of lone work, and a check-in feature to let employees know they are safe.

The lone worker app also has functions, which are crucial in emergency situations. These include a panic button, which can be triggered to give an immediate warning to employers even outside of a session, and a ‘man down’ warning which is sent to employers when a lone worker has not moved for a long period of time.

StaySafe also recognizes that some emergency situations require a discreet way to send an alert. Therefore, StaySafe have integrated undetectable features into their working alone app to make it one of the best apps on the market.

This includes; a discreet panic, which can be triggered through the phones lock button or wearable lone worker device, and a duress pin which is an emergency pin that when entered, looks like it has ended a session or alert, when in reality it has sent a signal to the monitor, thus creating an undetectable panic alert.


StaySafe’s lone worker alarm app ensures the safety of remote and lone working employees. The easy accessibility of the app across a range of devices, and straightforward functionality means lone workers can feel assured and comforted in lone situations – including travelling and working in remote locations and meeting new people for the first time in an irregular work site.

StaySafe Benefits

The benefits of work alone safety apps are undeniable and create a safer workplace for lone workers and their employers.

Take a look at the case studies tab to see why businesses across a range of sectors all over the world use and love the StaySafe app.