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Lone Worker App For Android

Lone worker app for Android

StaySafe’s lone worker smartphone app is available across the three main operating systems including Android. StaySafe’s Android app offers a wide range of functionality and unrivalled protection for employees who work alone.

What is a lone worker app?

Downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, lone worker apps provide employees who work alone with a tool to signal for help in an emergency. Many lone worker apps also track employees GPS location, allowing employers to manage alerts, send help in an emergency, and effectively monitor their lone worker’s safety.

Unlike lone worker devices, lone worker apps are able to utilise the functionality of operating systems like Android, to offer some of the best tech available to the consumer market. Plus, when an operating system rolls out an update, apps can utilise any new technology and remotely provide updates of their own.

Find out more on why lone worker apps are gaining popularity over devices.

StaySafe’s lone worker app

StaySafe’s Android, iOS and Windows apps provide the following features;

Check in icon GPS tracking

Timed sessions icon Timed sessions

Panic icon Panic alert

Duress iconDuress PIN

Low battery alert icon Low battery alerts

Check in icon Check-in

The lone working app is also connected to a cloud based monitoring Hub. The Hub provides a space for employers to view the location and safety status of all their app users on a map view. If an alert is triggered on the app, a notification will be sent to the monitor via SMS, email and from within the Hub – allowing them to respond to the alert appropriately.

What does the Android operating system do?

Operating systems refer to the software running in the background of your computer or mobile devices. Its job is to manage everything on the device from memory and storage to processes and interface.

The Android operating system was developed in 2008 by Google and has quickly become one of the top operating systems in the world. It is currently used by a number of top mobile device manufacturers such as; Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony and LG.

StaySafe on Android

Android is an open source operating system which means manufacturers are able to develop new programs as they wish. This allows StaySafe’s lone worker app for Android to provide more features than on any other operating system.

As well as the features mentioned above, StaySafe’s Android app also provides;

Low signal iconLow signal mode

Man down icon Non-movement alerts

Two way audio icon Two-way audio

Discreet panic icon Discreet panic

Device Wearable Bluetooth button with discreet panic and check-in (also available on iOS)

Device requirements

The StaySafe app supports Android 4.4 up to the latest version 7.0. As 4.4 was released in 2013, it is very likely that your Android device will run StaySafe and all its features.


The StaySafe app recently received the updated British Standard, 8484:2016 accreditation for their Android app. A BS8484 accreditation is only awarded to solutions that are deemed to be fully compliant with current safety legislation and practices. This means that StaySafe’s Android App provides a high level of protection and helps you to meet your legal duty of care.

If you are interested in implementing a lone worker app on Android, find out more about how StaySafe works.