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Employee tracking solution

Employee tracking solution

Monitor the location and safety of your work alone employees

What is an employee tracking solution?

Whether for safety or operational reasons, sometimes it is beneficial for businesses to know where their employees are when working away from a fixed base. An employee tracking solution is a system used to track the location of employees while they work – through a mobile app, smart device or wearable technology.

What are the uses for employee tracking systems?

Keeping track of your employees’ location can be used for a range of operational and safety reasons including;


  • Keeping track of delivery route and progress
  • Moving mobile employees between sites and assigning close by jobs
  • Overtime management
  • Auditing


  • Keeping track of whether employees are working the correct hours
  • Ensuring employees aren’t breaking road laws such as speeding

Remote and lone worker safety

If employees work remotely or alone, tracking their location is critical for managing their safety. Having a tracking solution with panic, missed check-in and man down alerts, allows you to be alerted in an emergency, locate your lone worker on a map and send help directly to their location.

What are the benefits of having a tracking solution in place?

Who can use a GPS tracking system?

Any business that hires remote or mobile workers could benefit from using an employee tracking system. Some of the most common employees who are equipped with GPS tracking include;
  • Drivers such as, HGV drivers, couriers and taxi drivers
  • On call employees, such as engineers, inspectors and repairmen
  • Mobile employees, such as sales men, security personnel, surveyors and park rangers
  • Lone workers, such as realtors, community staff, health visitors and engineers
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Is employee location tracking legal?

Tracking employee location while they work is completely legal. However, it is illegal to track employees out of working hours without consent and can lead to legal action against the employer. If tracking an employee through a mobile or smart device, self-initiated GPS tracking provides peace of mind for the employee and removes the burden from the business as the employee is in control of when they are being tracked.

How do tracking solutions work?

The most common location tracking system is GPS. Formed of 24 satellites, GPS broadcasts radio signals from space. Smartphones and devices containing a GPS receiver will gather and process these signals to create a location. Each device can then send its location to an external database, system or monitoring station to track the location data as it comes in.

How does StaySafe lone worker tracking work?

StaySafe’s app and devices work in real time and continually send location updates via the cloud to a monitoring hub. With each device associated with a user, a location pin is created on a map in the Hub along with the user’s name and contact number. StaySafe allows users to send a number of alerts on their tracking device and will send an alert automatically if the user fails to check-in or non-movement and man down are triggered. Location data allows the monitor to view exactly where the lone worker who has triggered an alert is. If other mobile workers are nearby, they can be sent to check-in on the employee, or help can be sent to their location. Past sessions will display a tracked location session and any alerts and actions can be viewed for auditing and reporting purposes.