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Case studies

Rainbow Trust

"We’re really happy with the StaySafe solution, it has great features and is still simple to use and operate."

Children’s charity Rainbow Trust use StaySafe to help protect their family workers whilst working in the community.

Rainbow Trust is a children’s charity who operate across the north and south of England. They provide emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Family support workers spend a lot of time out in the community alone, visiting numerous homes and driving to different locations which can be rural. The company implemented StaySafe in 2019 and currently have 60 staff members using the solution. 

Before StaySafe, staff were required to check in with managers over the phone once their shift had ended. However, this method was not practical as family workers often work till late in the evening and managers were having to stay later to ensure staff were safe. There was also a lack of visibility amongst managers knowing where staff were throughout the day.

Managers were becoming concerned for the safety of their staff when working alone. If an incident were to happen in a family home, employees may not be able to signal for help quickly enough. Alongside this, with family workers having to work late and spend a large amount of time driving, managers wanted to ensure that if an accident did happen, they could find out where their staff were. Rainbow Trust was looking for a solution that was easy to use and accessible to all workers without them having to carry an additional device. They also wanted a feature that could enable them to monitor staff usage and tailor escalation processes for each team or region.

Rainbow Trust trialled 4 other lone worker solutions but decided that StaySafe was the best option for them. StaySafe allows employees to record their working hours quickly and easily through the app. The handy check-in feature encourages workers to start a session at the beginning of their day and end the session once their work is complete. This gives managers an overview of where their employees are throughout the day and if help is needed, they can immediately send it to their exact location. 

The app also provides man down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time and check-in with them. The panic alert feature allows staff to notify a manager if they are in a dangerous situation. Their manager can then immediately send assistance to them. This feature is particularly useful for charity workers who deal with vulnerable members of the public and frequently work out in the community. 

Since launching StaySafe, family workers now feel more confident that if a situation arises and they feel threatened, they can easily send a panic alert and help will be sent to them. StaySafe’s external monitoring option means managers no longer have to work till late in the evenings and workers have access to help 24/7. Managers feel that this has helped them gain a much better work/life balance. 

The company now know where their staff are whilst at work and can monitor how the app is being used amongst workers with the StaySafe hubs reporting feature. 

Hannah Petheram, National Manager for Care Services at Rainbow Trust comments, “we’re really happy with the StaySafe solution, it has great features and is still simple to use and operate. There’s been a positive reaction from our family workers and they all feel much safer knowing they have the app to hand when visiting families. Roll out of the app was quick and our account manager has been very supportive with any questions or queries we’ve had.”

Don Cameron CEO at StaySafe adds, “providing the highest level of protection to lone working staff is of the utmost importance to us. StaySafe is great for workers who spend a lot of time out in the community where environments can be unpredictable. We designed the app to be user-friendly and we offer training and support to all users to guarantee that they are confident in using the solution.”

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