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Tapi Carpets and Floors

Tapi Carpets and Floors use StaySafe to protect staff whilst working alone

Tapi Carpets and Floors are a retail company who have a number of stores based across the UK. The company employs staff across their retail outlets and warehouses. Employees start work early in the morning, opening up the warehouse, despatching orders and receiving deliveries.

Tapi Carpets and Floors began looking at lone worker solutions after the company started to expand and acquire more retail space. With this new expansion,  the time employees spent working on their own began to increase. With machinery accidents accounting for a number of workplace fatalities each year within the UK, Tapi Carpets and Floors were keen to have adequate protection for their workers. Although the company had a health and safety policy in place prior to StaySafe, managers at the company wanted a quick and simple way for employees to signal for help should they need to. 

Tapi Carpets and Floors were looking for a solution that was easy to use and tailorable. They also wanted a panic feature which staff could use in an emergency.  Since partnering with StaySafe, staff can now alert managers if they need assistance straight from the app. This app is linked to a secure cloud-based monitoring Hub which accurately locates lone workers on a map and provides managers with real-time updates on their movements. If an employee fails to check-in safely during a lone working session, has an accident or raises an alert, managers will be able to locate them and get help straight away. The app also provides man down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time. 

For staff that spend time working alone, the app also provides man down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time. Staff now feel much safer when starting their shifts, knowing the StaySafe app is on hand at all times.

Brian Deen, Facilities and Transport manager at Tapi Carpets and Floors comments “ We’re happy with how well the app has fit into the company, the onboarding process was smooth and the team were on hand to help when we needed it. Our staff are happy to know that they can quickly signal for help if in danger”.