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Easy-to-use lone worker app for a wide range of UK industries

Our easy-to-use lone worker solution is ideal for a range of organisations operating in different industries, such as Construction, Surveying, Education, B2B services, Manufacturing and Retail.

StaySafe is used by companies of all sizes in the UK and around the world, offering reliable protection from commonly-faced challenges, such as violence and aggression, as well as common causes of accidental injury.

Our lone worker safety app supports UK organisations

Lone workers are a valuable asset for UK organisations, increasing business reach and productivity. Many job roles that once required two or more employees can now be carried out effectively by a lone worker thanks to technological developments and the reduction in the size of work equipment and tools.

However, lone workers do face a level of risk each day, particularly when working in unknown locations around the UK or with unknown members of the community. This is why many organisations around the world use StaySafe – to ensure they know their employees are safe while they work alone.

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Lone worker risks in the UK

Those working alone often come across the same hazards as any other employee. However, lone working carries with it an increased risk, as any dangers faced are encountered alone.

  • Violence and aggression

Unfortunately, violence and aggression are common within public-facing roles. When working alone and behind closed doors, the risk may be higher as lone employees can be seen as easier targets.

  • Environmental risk

Working in locations away from the office which haven’t been risk assessed can expose employees to common workplace hazards such as trip hazards or aggressive animals.

  • Driving

Travelling on the road is one of the greatest and most uncontrollable risks workers around the world face each day. Travel risks are not always immediately considered, yet many spend time travelling between jobs and work sites.

  • Ill health

If a lone worker suffers a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or fainting, receiving immediate support and alerting emergency services could prove difficult without colleagues nearby.

How StaySafe helps protect lone workers across the UK

The StaySafe app ensures lone workers have a way to signal for help in any situation. A panic button can be used at any time, while missed check-in and session expiry alerts will send an alarm even if the lone worker cannot. If an employee is faced with an aggressor, a panic alert can be triggered discreetly, while a Duress PIN can be used to trick the aggressor into thinking the app has been closed when, in fact, a high priority alarm has been triggered.

The StaySafe Monitoring Hub provides an accurate location and up-to-date safety status so that you always know where your employees are and that they are safe, even when schedules change last minute.

With the ability to monitor in-house and with no additional costs for extra hardware, StaySafe is a low-cost solution for any organisation looking to better protect their employees.

StaySafe in multiple industries

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Why our customers love the StaySafe monitoring solution

“For us, the check-in and man-down features are great as many of our employees are working in high risk areas. We know that if they suffer an accident, they may not be conscious or able to signal for help but now we can rest assured that StaySafe is able to do that for them. StaySafe has been well received across the app user and monitoring teams. We did initially experience some pushback from employees who felt like the app was a bit like ‘big brother’. But once they started using the app and experienced their managers calling them if an alert went off, they felt comfortable knowing the app is there to protect them.”

Richard Young

Health and Safety Manager, Dennis Eagle

As a business facing a number of challenges such as low signal and out of hour operations, finding a solution that ticked all of our boxes was important. StaySafe not only did exactly that, but they were also very supportive through the set-up and implementation process. From initial enquiry to roll out, the StaySafe team offered support and guidance to help the process run smoothly and efficiently. Our employees find the app incredibly easy to use and line managers now feel they have more time to focus on other tasks while knowing they will be notified if a lone worker requires help.”

Gary Summerfield

HSQE Manager, Ground Control

“Since launching StaySafe, our crime prevention managers feel much safer as they patrol the streets, knowing that backup is only a button click away. Any alert that is triggered goes through to an external 24/7 monitoring station so we know their safety is being looked after even when working late at night. Using StaySafe also helps us to comply with work safety requirements in New Zealand. As an organisation, we are legally required to protect our staff and monitor the location and safety of employees who work alone. StaySafe allows us to do so without requiring additional resources and very little business time, as the users and Hub were set up for us by StaySafe.”

Anton Welsh

Crime Prevention Manager, Business Manukau

“Our staff are not what you would traditionally call ‘high risk’ but fully meeting our duty of care to all employees is paramount to us. We have just issued all employees with new smartphones so a lone worker solution that would work on their smartphones without the need for any additional technology really appealed. The app has been easy to set up and use and monitoring the app requires minimal resource, which is great”.

Tim Collier


“The StaySafe app provides peace of mind that our employees are safe while they work alone. StaySafe is the most user-friendly solution we have seen and both the Hub and the app are extremely simple to use. The man-down feature as well as location monitoring were particularly important to us when selecting a solution and StaySafe ticked all the boxes. The solution overcomes many of the issues we faced before such as out of hours monitoring and lack of phone signal at some of our sites. We now feel confident that we are meeting our duty of care to our lone working employees around the clock”.

James Oliver


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