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Justice and Care

"We needed a cost effective, straightforward and easy-to-use app that could protect staff working in remote locations. StaySafe ticked all of the boxes."

Justice and Care chooses StaySafe to protect frontline anti-trafficking specialists 

Justice and Care has partnered with StaySafe to help protect lone working anti-trafficking specialists. Justice and Care is an anti-trafficking organisation operating in the UK, Europe, Bangladesh, India and Thailand that helps rescue victims of slavery and human trafficking and empowers them to rebuild their lives. Justice and Care aims to dismantle organised criminal networks by partnering with law enforcement agencies and national partners. 

Anti-trafficking specialists at Justice and Care often visit victims of slavery alone at their home or at safe houses to provide care and help. These victims have gone through traumatic experiences and may have complex social and emotional needs. This puts professionals at Justice and Care in a potentially vulnerable position. As part of these home visits, employees are exposed to the unknown with the potential for violence and aggression. Frontline employees may also go out with policing teams on location checks and executing warrants. Organised crime networks that commit human trafficking atrocities may also target and threaten support staff for assisting victims of slavery. 

With staff at Justice and Care facing a multitude of serious risks, it was imperative to find a solution to monitor and protect frontline workers. Prior to the introduction of StaySafe, Justice and Care had a standard lone worker policy and lone worker security manager to oversee procedures, risk assessments and training. However, there were some issues with this approach. The policy was difficult to tailor to fit every situation and there were often last minute, ad hoc situations that staff had to attend to, making it very difficult to plan in advance.

Cristina Huddleston, Director of European Operations at Justice and Care, says, “Following the expansion of Justice and Care to Europe, we decided to implement StaySafe to protect our frontline staff. We needed a cost effective, straightforward and easy-to-use app that could protect staff working in remote locations. StaySafe has ticked all of the boxes and staff have said that they feel much safer knowing that they can alert their managers quickly, should a difficult situation arise.”

StaySafe’s easy-to-use lone working app enables employers to quickly and easily locate lone workers in an emergency and send immediate help. Employees are able to start a timed session before they begin a period of lone work or travel. The StaySafe app gives employers visibility of the safety status of lone workers during a period of lone work or travel and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished this session. If an employee fails to check-in safely during a session or raises a panic alert in the app, responders, either within the organisation or at an external monitoring service, will be immediately alerted. They will quickly verify the alert and dispatch the appropriate assistance to the employee. In areas with minimal coverage, the app will automatically switch to low-signal mode and alerts will continue to be sent to the Hub via SMS. 

Cristina Huddleston continues, “The support from StaySafe has been top notch, with staff available to help whenever we need assistance. With staff facing unpredictable and serious risks, it is crucial that we are able to locate them immediately in an emergency. The ability to add notes to their session i.e. a case reference number, allows us to quickly identify key details in a critical situation and accurately locate and help frontline workers. The app gives us confidence that our lone working employees are protected, even in areas of low signal.”

Don Cameron, CEO of StaySafe, says, “Providing the highest level of protection to lone working staff is of the utmost importance to us. StaySafe is great for frontline workers who spend a lot of time in high risk and unpredictable environments.”

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