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Discover a lone worker solution for SMEs that is easy to use and implement

StaySafe works with small and medium sized businesses to protect your staff 24/7

StaySafe understands the challenges that smaller businesses face

Keeping track of employee whereabouts and ensuring they are safe can be challenging and time consuming for a small team. As an SME you have the same duty of care and legislative obligations to your employees as larger organisations, but often have less resource and manpower at your disposal. Buddy systems can be unreliable and managers can be too busy to check in with staff, which can put team members at risk.

The StaySafe solution brings structure to the way you protect your staff and makes it easier for you to meet your duty of care.

How does StaySafe help SMEs?

Consisting of an app and cloud-based online hub, StaySafe gives you visibility of staff locations in real time and enables employees to quickly signal for help in an emergency.

In an emergency, you can accurately locate lone workers on a map and see their safety status. This means that you will always know if they are safe and be able to send help if needed, even when schedules change at the last minute.

If an employee activates the app’s panic button or fails to check in, alerts are instantly visible in the online hub. Chosen managers are automatically notified via text, call and email. As well as a panic button facility, the StaySafe app also has additional features such as GPS tracking, man down alerts and discreet and duress panic alerts.

If you do not have the resource to monitor your teams in-house, you can outsource employee safety monitoring and alert escalation to our 24/7 professional monitoring partners.

Why do SMEs choose StaySafe?

High staff engagement – our app is easy to use and fits effortlessly into the working day

Easy to roll out – you can be up and running with StaySafe in as little as one day

Full onboarding and support – we will work with you to configure your hub set up and get your team on board. Interactive in-app training gives lone workers step-by-step lessons in how to use the app without formal training. Our customer support team is also on hand via phone, email and chat

Great value – no extra equipment to purchase, employees simply download the app to their smartphone

Reduced admin burden – no more buddy systems and check in calls means more time for your staff to focus on their day job

Outsourced monitoring options – our professional monitoring partners can monitor your staff out of hours or 24/7 on your behalf, further reducing the admin burden on your teams

A solution that grows with you – StaySafe is scalable for organisations of any size and structure. We can support you as your business expands, adding new users and teams to your existing system as you grow.

What our customers say about StaySafe

 “Our experience with StaySafe has been really positive. We were initially looking for a safety solution that could help minimise the amount of paperwork management we were having to do. We also wanted something that was simple to implement and easy to use. StaySafe has fit into the company structure very well, it’s much easier to supervise and track staff and our employees enjoy the simplicity of the app.”

Connell Shannaghan

Project Manager at Hydrosave

“StaySafe has provided us with a solution that removes the hassle of a manual system, while significantly increasing the security of our nurses. Lone worker communication is reduced to when it is actually needed – when a session expires or a panic alarm is triggered. We hope to never need to support a nurse under duress, but the StaySafe app and hub will allow us to deal with any difficult situation quickly and effectively.”

Peter Allan

Associate Director of Research Nursing at Illingworth Research

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