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StaySafe now available on ecom’s Intrinsically safe smartphone’s

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StaySafe now available on ecom’s Intrinsically safe smartphone's

Written by Helen Down, StaySafe

StaySafe is now available on the SMART-EX® 02 DZ1 and the SMART-EX® 02 DZ2 from the Pepperl + Fuchs brand ecom. 

The company develops intrinsically safe phones which can be used in potentially explosive areas as per the European ATEX Directives. Many workplaces may contain, or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres.

StaySafe is designed to quickly and easily turn any smart device into a safety tool for lone worker protection. The StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud-based monitoring Hub which accurately locates each company’s lone workers on a map and provides managers with real-time updates on their movements.

The app also allows users to trigger a panic alert in an emergency. If a panic alert is triggered on the device, StaySafe will notify their managers  immediately, allowing an organisation to take appropriate action. 

If an employee fails to check in safely during a lone working session or raises an alert, a notification will pop up on screen as well as via SMS text and email, allowing their manager to locate them and get help straight away. 

Accurate location tracking allows remote workers to be monitored from the StaySafe Hub so that help can be sent directly to them. For staff that work in dangerous environments such as the oil and gas industry, having assistance readily available is critical in case of an accident or injury. 

Karen Jarrett, Team Lead for UK and Ireland at ecom Mobile Safety, comments, “With powerful features, good ergonomics and an optimized accessory concept, the newly developed Smart-Ex 02 is the most advanced explosion-proof smartphone for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1.’

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe, adds “Providing the highest level of protection to lone working staff is of utmost importance to us. We’re glad to be partnering with ecom Mobile Safety to help keep as many workers as possible safe from harm”. 

With thousands of employees operating in dangerous locations for long periods of time, ecom’s partnership with StaySafe offers reliable protection for lone workers. 

To find out more about our lone worker solutions, visit our product page.

To find out more about ecom’s devices visit their site here

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