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StaySafe is now carbon zero

We are living in a Climate Emergency, with 16 countries having declared they are in a Climate Emergency state, and numerous others making partial declarations. This is an issue of paramount importance that can not be ignored. … Read More

What is a hazard?

What are workplace hazards for lone workers? What is the difference between hazards and risks? Find out how to protect your lone workers. … Read More

Buddy Systems

Buddy systems have helped safety standards and wellbeing for staff for generations. See how lone worker apps provide an alternative solution for safe working. … Read More

Work Health and Safety in Australia

Modern health and safety legislation dates back to the UK’s Factory Act of 1802 which set down rules on critical safety issues such as ventilation, cleaning and working hours. … Read More

Dynamic Risk Assessments

Dynamic risk assessment is the practice of mentally observing, assessing and analysing an environment while we work, to identify and remove risk. The process allows individuals to identify a hazard on the spot and make quick decisions in regards to their own safety.​ … Read More

​​Construction Site Safety

SAFETY DEVICES 5 min read ​​Construction Site Safety Written by Richard Bedworth, StaySafe The construction industry accounts for over 1.15 million jobs – over 9% of total Australian employment. Due to the nature of the work, it’s one of Australia’s … Read More