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Author Archives: Rachel Bridge

Protecting lone workers in today’s NHS

HEALTH & SAFETY 4 min read Protecting lone workers in today’s NHS Written by Alan Coulter, StaySafe With a growing number of NHS trusts implementing lone worker apps into their health and safety policies we explore how the lone worker … Read More

Women in Health and Safety

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a look at some influential women who have impacted occupational health and safety over the years. Origin of International Women’s Day Since the early 1900’s individuals around the world have come together in … Read More

How can we better protect our parking enforcement officers?

HEALTH & SAFETY 4 min read Industry spotlight: how can we better protect our parking enforcement officers? Written by Lorraine Hughes, StaySafe With more than 8 out of 10 parking attendants in the UK being verbally abused at least once … Read More

Social distancing

HEALTH & SAFETY 4 min read Social distancing and rising levels of workplace violence have increased the need for specialist lone worker protection Written by Don Cameron, StaySafe With the pandemic set to change the way we work for the … Read More

BS 8484

LEGISLATION 6 min read What is lone worker BS 8484 and why is it important? Written by Don Cameron, StaySafe Lone worker devices and ARC response services are accredited by the British Standards Association under BS 8484. Here we take … Read More

When is working alone not ok? Lone worker law and legislation

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from harm. In some environments, no matter how stringent the risk assessment or safety measures put in place, the risk is too great to allow for lone working. So when is working alone not okay? … Read More

Workplace fatalities across the US

Despite most employers trying to ensure the safety of their staff, unfortunately, fatal workplace accidents can and do happen. In recent years, there have been a number of statistics that suggest workplace fatalities are steadily increasing in the US. Across … Read More

StaySafe partners with what3words to help keep lone workers safe

StaySafe clients can now provide the what3words location of their lone workers in an emergency to help identify their location faster what3words has broken down the world into 3x3m squares, and assigned each one three words from the dictionary. ///audit.twins.cute, for … Read More

How advances in mobile apps and wearable technology can help employers monitor & protect lone working and remote staff

Every 15 seconds, 151 people suffer a workplace accident and every year, 321,000 people lose their lives at work, according to statistics taken from the International Labor Organization. This seems inconceivable, particularly as most workplace accidents are preventable. So why, … Read More