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Vicarious Liability

HEALTH & SAFETY 5 min read Vicarious Liability: when an employee’s actions become your responsibility Written by Don Cameron, StaySafe We’re taught to take responsibility for our own actions, but when it comes to health and safety, it’s not always … Read More

Best lone worker app

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from harm. In some environments, no matter how stringent the risk assessment or safety measures put in place, the risk is too great to allow for lone working. So when is working alone not okay? … Read More

The impacts of lone working on mental health

Over the last decade or so, there’s been a lot of talk about lone working. This is as a result of the increased conversation surrounding mental health in the workplace (amongst other things). A ‘lone worker’ is an employee that … Read More

How ISO 45001 could cut the £15 billion cost of work-related injuries

How ISO 45001 could cut the £15 billion cost of work-related injuries As a lone worker, you shoulder a lot of responsibility for your occupational health and safety. After all, there is no-one else in your working environment to spot … Read More

5 Tips for Building a Safety Culture in Your Workplace

A good business platform consists of crucial safety strategies to help ensure employees wellbeing and safety is maintained whilst at work.  Employees wellbeing can often be at risk no matter the type of company or industry they work in, and … Read More